In a private session with your animal I will act as a translator to pass on messages directly from your companion. You will learn from them what you can do to achieve the results you want or why it is not possible for him/her to do as you have asked. Often little things are holding our companions back  to perform at their best. By simply hearing from them what needs to be done so they are happy and pain free to achieve and when taking the necessary changes (sometimes as little as releasing the rein, shifting the weight, different bit,... they can . Often they are not achieve  us and our companions back and it helps your team (horse and rider) to reach their full potential.

Age, breeding or discipline doesn't matter. I am simply passing on any messages your companion has for you during training and often little changes have a big effect which means content animals and happy humans! 

My horse was always quite difficult to ride in a frame. When having a lesson with her through Dagmar she told us that she wanted me to put my hands forward and let go of her mouth. At first I didn't want to do this as I thought that she would just put her head up as she does, and who am I anyway to let my horse tell me what she wants to do? But having ran out of options I did as she asked and guess what? She put her head down. I didn't expect that! She got what she wanted and I got what I wanted. I would have never thought that it was that easy and simple to fix. She also gave us a few clues regarding my riding position and whenever I corrected something she suggested she went a lot better. I was obviously blocking her and the only way she could tell me was by resisting. Hearing it straight from the horse makes it so much easier. No more fighting! Thanks heaps!


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If you would like to profit from this unique way of learning with your animal, please contact me on 0439821047 or for availability in your area. You will not be disappointed! Group sessions also available.

Animal Communication

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