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"The doors to the world of Animal Communication are about to open!

Learn the secrets of having a real conversation with your Animals from International Animal Communicator, Dagmar!" 

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  • Introductory Intensive Course

  • Advanced Course

  • Advanced Intensive Course

  • Introductory Course

  • Refresher Course

  • Advanced Course

  • Animals - Our Guides and Teachers Course

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  • FREE Readings with your Animals during the Course 

  • Additional one-on-one time with Dagmar for extra support, tips and  guidance

The Courses will give you the know-how of Animal Communication so you can easily:

  • Connect with your Animals on a daily basis and in everyday situations.

  • Understand their needs and react accordingly.

  • Implement changes to help them reach their full potential.

  • Resolve issues because you know the reason why they are being "naughty".

  • Give them safety and security (especially for anxious and stressed Animals).

  • Help your Animal to be calm and relaxed by using special techniques.

  • Create a harmonious environment.

  • Achieve a balanced and equal partnership.

  • Create the life and relationship with your Animals that you want.

  • Be one with your Animals.

With guidance and step-by-step training tools, hearing your Animals has never been easier and can be achieved by everyone:

  • Rediscover your telepathic abilities.

  • Learn easy techniques to connect with all Animals.

  • Understand the world from your Animal's perspective.

  • "Know" what is going on in their minds.

  • Learn how to ask them questions.

  • Solve issues because you truly understand.
    the problem.

  • Share with your Animals what is important to you.

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