Hi Dagmar,

I just have to pass on my sincere thanks for your magic.
I rode my horse today and he was so so amazingly different, he was much calmer and I really feel he took care of me today and we connected. I would add that I have not ridden him for over three weeks and we rode in his big paddock where he is usually quite a handful due to him being 'so fast'! But today he went at my pace for me. It was beautiful.
It started yesterday - I am still processing what is happening - BUT I KNOW IT IS REAL!!!

I am ecstatic and gob smacked!!
Anyways just wanted to pass that back to you and THANK YOU AGAIN so much!!



Hi Dagmar,

I think you are amazing! I felt I could talk to my horse when I was growing up, but could never prove it to anyone. I just knew. I'm so glad it's real. I'm going to try to rekindle my talent with the horses I have now. Its been many years since I had my first horse. But somehow I feel I can do it again! Thank you! God bless you!



Hi Dagmar, thank you so much for a wonderful course today. It gave me such confidence. Safe journey home...



Hi Dagmar,


hope you are well. I just want to thank you for making my boy's passing easier. You are a very special person to me now and is it possible to tell him we all miss him dearly and he will fill our thoughts always he is in our hearts forever.


Thank you once again.



Hi Dagmar


Thanks for talking to Sophies pony.


I checked him last night and his jaw joint was really bad on the near side! His jaw always clunked when he ate hay but I never checked it. And today he is eating hay with no clunking!! Hopefully that helps him, his off hip has swelling around it like he said.




Hello Dagmar!


We had our big event and Crossy was amazing! We pulled it together and got top 10 in the big event with a workout that brought us all to tears. Couldn't have done it without your help at all! I have no doubt Crossy loves his chats as well and there will definitely be more in the future I have no doubt! Cannot thankyou enough!




(lost dog)

Dagmar we found him!!!! I can't believe it I'm just so so happy. 


Over the weekend we had some reported sightings and the animal charity helped me to set a trap yesterday in the area he was last seen. Then last night monsoonal weather set in and we had a Black rain warning- flights grounded- really really bad. So we went out to close the trap up for the night because it would be dangerous for him if he was trapped in the weather.


And then when we got there we hear a dog barking and there he was dripping wet in the cage. He was going wild and almost unrecognisable. Skin and bones, drenched and biting at the cage. Obviously terrified. We couldn't risk losing him as we got him out of the cage so we took him back home on his cage on the golf buggy and when he got home and saw Charlie (our other dog) he returned to the old Toto. 


I just can't believe we have him back!!! He has lost a lot of weight and has a few cuts and scratches but on the whole is ok. So nice to wake up to him wagging his tail and wanting a cuddle this morning...


Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. We found him in big a vacant lot full of dense undergrowth below houses. It was to the north when we got him. I found those blue flowers you mentioned in this block. And the tram lines you mentioned- ladders across the ground. Very close to the school and on the bus route. He did give you the right instructions it just took us a while to get there. 


Thank you Dagmar!!!!!


Hong Kong, 31.3.2014

Hi Dagmar


Thank you so much for the readings on our two horses.

What you said sounded exactly like them, their personalities really shone through.

I really appreciate the time you spent with me.

Have a lovely day.



Hi Dagmar,

I just wanted to thank you again for the reading you did for Baxter and Koga. It was wonderful to hear from them and so accurate. It’s given me great insight in to their needs and I will definitely have another one done soon.


Thanks again and take care.



Hi Dagmar

Thank you for tonight - we are still laughing at some of the things he said, so very true.


Here are some pictures of him out at shows, as you can see the camera loves him.


I also liked how he told me to stress less - unfortunately 100% spot-on.


Kindest regards




Dear Dagmar,

I wanted to let you know that I saw Tyske today for the first time since your reading and it was one of the most amazing days of my life! We both felt a very special connection and were able to use what you shared to begin our new process of communicating with each other. It was wonderful and so special. Thank you again for starting us off!

I am really keen to improve my listening and communicating skills and I was wondering if you have a one or two day seminar coming up? My best friend lives in Adelaide and I thought I might be able to come over and see her during the Christmas holidays and if you had any courses available I would be very interested.

Anyway thank you again from both of us!




Hi Dagmar,

I hope you are well. A quick update on Ellie - she is fantastic! Such a different horse & so happy & content now. She walks up to me in the paddock & wants to be first caught & worked. Such a difference. Even my friends keep commenting on how friendly she is now! I completely trust her now & just really enjoy her company.

I wondered if you could please let me know in advance when you are running your next course even if it's interstate as I am willing to travel as I really want to participate & try to take my relationship with my animals to the next level.

Thanks heaps!



Hi Dagmar,
I was wondering if you could please do a follow up for me (I spoke to you about my two horses.  I'd also like to 'hear' from my dog as well.  Let me know what I need to send through. :)
I was absolutely amazed with your response last time and you described both ponies down to a tee - freakishly accurate!  Just want to chat to them and find out some more...



Hi Dagmar,


I can't thank you enough for talking to Ellie for me.


The information from last night has made a huge difference. I had the most amazing time with her today. I went to ride her and while I was leading her from the paddock I explained why the others can't come with us and how this was just our time to be together. After I had saddled her I then spent another 5 -10 mins talking about everything you told me last night and explained to her why I act the way I do and what I need from her to feel safe to allow her to go fast and do the things she enjoys. I also told her everything I had set in place to address her physical issues. She spent the entire time licking her lips and chewing!


When I rode her she was so different. Today we cantered for the first time in 5 years and I felt so safe and not like she was going to explode or take off like in the past. It was just a beautiful ride.

For the first time ever it felt like we were a team and working together.


After the ride I started work on her neck and found massive trigger points at the base of the brachiocephalic on both sides. She tolerated me treating them and afterwards wrapped her head and neck around me and allowed me to cradle her head. I rested my head on hers and we just cuddled. Oh my god! I have never had that from ellie and it was beautiful.


Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. What you have given both of us is a wonderful gift and I can't wait to see how far we can go now.







My little summary!


When my mum's cat went missing, I was desperate to try to contact him, as he vanished under unusual circumstances. Dagmar was the only one who was able to help as others I tried only worked business hours or no longer helped with missing animals.


Dagmar was able to contact the missing cat. He explained why he had taken off and she was able to reassure him on a couple of points (ie why a strange cat was suddenly being buried in his yard).


And after this, he reappeared, very nonchalantly, the next morning.


Dammar was lovely to talk with, and had good advice.


She knows her stuff and is very reasonably priced.


I am very happy with my experience and the result. Highly recommend her!


VIC, 8.4.2013

Hi Dagmar,

Hope your well?


Thank you for talking to Joel.


You were right Joel was sore in his front left leg, his girth, and his right neck and shoulder.

The Bowen therapist said he was also sore in the hind end.

But nothing to serious that I need to worry about which is also what you said!





I asked Dagmar to help me as I was desperate to know what to do with my dog. I didn’t tell Dagmar this but my beautiful dog was critically ill at the vets, on a drip and not getting better. Nobody knew what was wrong with her so there was no sure treatment.


I wanted to know if I was being cruel to continue to try to save her if she was suffering and she didn’t want to keep trying. She is older and I could see the illness was having a massive toll on her. The vets were trying but nothing seemed to be working and she was slowly getting worse. I gave Dagmar a few photos and no other information.

After the first session with my dog, Dagmar described the symptoms of the illness with total accuracy. The dog told Dagmar she was on a drip, said that they suspected snake bite and described what vital organs were under stress, all of which the vets had told me and all of which was 100% accurate and matched with the blood test results. The dog also described herself and her personality and our relationship, all of which was very true. That then gave me the proof that Dagmar was indeed in touch with my dog, so I could then have confidence the other things she told me were correct.

My dog knew she was critically ill, and although she was very nauseous, weak and uncomfortable she not in pain. She thought she could fight it and if her body could handle it she could recover, telling Dagmar it was harder for her because she was older. Then I knew I was doing the right thing by continuing to treat and nurse her, not just being selfish because I didn’t want to let her go. The peace of mind that gave me was worth a million dollars. She also told Dagmar how she felt and what I could do to help her feel better & get better, all of which I did and I am happy to say she is recovering slowly but surely now a week later.


Of course without the vets and medications she would not have survived, and unfortunately she is not out of the woods just yet but it at least I knew I was doing the right thing by her after all the years of loyalty and love she has given me.

My dog also told Dagmar things she couldn’t have known. The funniest example was a week later when she was feeling a lot better, she said I’d taken her collar off in hospital and she wanted it back on because now she wanted things back to normal. That cracked me up so of course I did as I was told!


I expected there to be one or two things Dagmar got wrong but to my surprise she was 100% accurate. I owe her big time for helping me so quickly and giving me peace of mind during an extremely sad and stressful time. I’d recommend her services to anyone who loves their pets and has an open mind.


Hi Dagmar,                         


I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for your reading tonight. I came into this with an open mind but you hit basically every question I had on the head, it was amazing, only feelings and things I would know you also knew. It is great to know Chief is happy and I have many great things to work on with him and to be able to work with him and not against him is a fantastic feeling. I will keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks again



I purchased a new horse from the east coast, I flew over tried him out and loved him...he was from a reputable breeder/trainer so I was terribly excited at the thought of him coming to live with me in WA, when he arrived we were off to a bit of a patchy start under saddle but nothing I thought I couldn't handle - as the months went by - 6 months approx - I was getting to stage where I just couldn't work out where I was going wrong - I had a different horse on my hands and I knew he wasn't happy and I just couldn't work out why - I did everything I could - saddle fitted, teeth, worming, sanding...he was rugged and hand fed and very much loved but when I rode him we were developing more and more issues I stumbled across Dagmar's name and details on the john O'Leary website which I found I was spending more and more time to try and work out where things were going wrong...


I had a consultation with Dagmar and found her to be very professional and thorough and certainly shed some light on where things were going wrong...since then I have taken all she said on board and have been chipping away...I have a different horse - the problems i had when riding appear to have disappeared - we are now at the stage with the horse only a month or so on from our consultation where my husband (only been riding 2 years) is riding him and learning how to jump on him!

He seems a much happier horse and I am pleased I stumbled across Dagmar's details and was pointed in the right direction


WA, 13.7.2011

Dear Dagmar, 


Today absolutely blew me away, thanks for the effort!

It was very insightful and made a lot of sense to me as it fitted her personality perfectly. I will attach a photo of the foal you mentioned.

The saddle was the only thing that confused me. She said it was pretty comfortable, though a little narrow but then said she liked a well balanced saddle.

She was fitted by Mel Fleming for a Balance saddle and I found she moved very well in it. I am close to buying now but unsure whether it will make a difference if she is happy in my current saddle. Oh well, a choice for me.

The background about her racing days was interesting - though I know there was some sadness around her foals. Both actually died, though the one you mentioned lived for a little while. 


Her insight to trust was amazing, and something I have been coming to on my own. How can we make promises about what will happen?




Hi Dagmar                                     


I have aken Lilly back to see the chiropractor, so just dropping you a line to let you know :)


The spot that Lilly mentioned that he missed, was really quite sore when he touched it. she was so much more obliging for him to work on this time too.





Hi Dagmar                             

Thanks so much for the reading, I talked to my boy about him not holding me back in any way and that it was actually the opposite, he let out a big sigh and gave me a hug :) we had a great play session too, just doing natural horsemanship and chasing each other around the paddock at liberty which he loves.

I've been looking into things I can try to help his hooves and I'm going to concentrate my massage treatments more around his front end with lots of stretching now I know he doesn't have acute pain around his lower back any more. I'm also looking into warming herbs and different arthritis supplements for his back legs.

've been researching rose oil and almond oil too, they can pretty much be used for anything so I think I will try get some and see if he can give me any clues :)

Thanks again you were spot on about his sore spots and his personality, I really appreciate it. We'll have to get you to talk to our galah one day that would be very interesting!




Dear Dagmar 


Thank you very much for your communication with my donkey.  I feel more confident that she is receiving the best possible care from me.

It all made sense and I hope this new understanding will strengthen our relationship further.

Kind regards



Hi Dagmar,                                    


Hope you are well! I really wanted to let you know how we went at his first dressage test on Sunday!

He was perfect!!!! I talked to him a lot, threw the warm up and into the test, I made an error of course, I just laughed! We came equal 3rd with 67%.i am so proud of him, the whole day he never put a foot wrong, he really did look after me. So we are off again next month to dressage ,hope to see you there and you can meet him and myself. Thank you for the reading it really helped with my confidence!




Hi Dagmar                                                                      

How are you? I just wanted to let you know how we are going.

We have such a wonderful relationship now & hardly ever argue.

I am doing plenty of trail rides with her as she said they were important to her. We have been to the beach and went swimming, riding through Kuitpo forest & through the vineyards that neighbour our agistment property. She has given me no reason not to trust her so I am becoming more & more confident.

She seems grateful for her trail rides & the range of different activities I do with her now that when we do get in the arena her flatwork has improved SO MUCH! I am so grateful for your help.

I remember you mentioned you had a chestnut with a similar attitude/personality to Voodoo, how are things going with that one?

Will I see you down at Aldinga again soon  for some dressage?


SA, 13.1.2011

Hi Dagmar,                                        


Thanks for thinking of us . I am so amazed still that Mack was happy to talk hehehehehehe. I have definitely seen a change for the better, he no longer spits out his feed which is saving me some money, he is a lot calmer just in his self and he is still as unmotivated as ever.

I will hopefully be able to make this an annual thing as I am amazed at what u found out.

Thanks so much for your time and help. You are truly blessed with a wonderful gift.

Kind regard

PS: I have given your web address to all of my friends.



Hi Dagmar                         

I just wanted to send you an email with an update on Ben.  

I was amazed at what you said on the phone the other week and how spot on most of it was.  The timing of the passing of Molly is about right as to when he and I separated but now I realise I didn’t consider how the dogs felt and what he saw that night. I know something had freaked him out and we were so concerned with how he reacted at 3 am that we didn’t hear her pass at about 4 am. I will never forget that night as I have never seen a dog freak out like he did.  It was like he was poisoned with bait if that makes sense.

Since the call I have made some big adjustments and changes to how I treat Ben (and the others) and how we spend time together. We have changed the way we communicate and I am clearer with what I want and he is responding well with no aggression at all.  The other night I sent him to his bed as he was trying to steel the kids dinner and he went straight away – no arguing.  He also seeks me out a lot now for a pat or just to hang which I just love.  I have started ( when its warm) to go outside just with him and we lay in the sun together and just exist.  Its actually very nice.

We are getting on much better with the agility and he is actually offering to jump now and I have attached some photos taken today.  This was not with me but with my son who was throwing his ball while I took the photos.  If I had done this a few weeks ago he would have run away in this exact situation.  You can see by his face and his body that he is happier in himself – as am I. We still have a very long way to go but there is no rush and we are both enjoying the journey together now.

Thank you again so much.  I can not put into words how grateful I am.  I make sure he is first in line for the daily apple core from the boys lunches.  

N. & Ben

N. & Ben


Dear Dagmar                                                            


I just wanted to say another big thank you!!! You are brilliant and VERY talented :)
Thanks so much

Melissa & Rennie (I have just been out in the paddock talking to him)

Melissa & Rennie


Hi Dagmar,               


I jjust wanted to give you an update on Charlie, I got a lot out of your reading that made sense. One thing in particular was you said he was showing you a white flapping thing. It occurred to me afterwards about the roll down covers on the side of my float, after inspecting them properly, I discovered that the stud of one was gone, and it did indeed flap around while we were travelling.


He also showed you something to do with the divider in the float and me picking up a stick. I used to have to 'encourage' him onto the float everytime with gentle tapping of the dressage whip on his hip. He would go on but not willingly. I have since started moving the divider over for him and now just put the rope over his neck and head him at the float and he almost runs on!  Ive also found that if I move the divider over when I get him off he doesn't run off like he used to.  Some would say he should get used to it but Im prepared to do it for him if it makes that much of a difference. He hasn't been any trouble at all to load or unload since I figured these two things out( thanks to you). 


We took him out to a show yesterday for the first time in a while, and my 14year old daughter was riding, I was a bit apprehensive as he can get a bit stressy at shows, but I explained to him where we were going and asked him to look after her and he was fantastic all day, even when a pony (love those ponies!) decided to run backwards into him instead of go and do its workout.


I think your reading has really given me an insight into his way of thinking, and while we still have the odd issue, we have developed a better relationship because of what you were able to tell me. 


Thank you so much, I will be getting you to communicate with him again in the future.


Kind regards

Narelle & Charlie


Hi Dagmar,         


So sorry i havent’ got back to you sooner, been a crazy few weeks. Hope you’ve recovered from the busy spring carnival.

 Nellie has improved quite a bit, i only spoke to dad last night and he said his old Nellie is back, doing lots with him and everyone seems to be much happier. She is still quite wary of the cows as you could imagine, but is back to her normal self, swimming in the river and following dad around the farm.


He also made the comment it would be interesting to get you to talk to her again now to see what is different and what she has to say (i think i’ve converted him, he laughed at me the first time i told him you were speaking to bumble, but he is quite accepting of it now – my dad is a typical blockhead german too LOL)


Bumble is also going extremely well, what you told me he said has made my riding completely different, and we are getting much better results, no more head-flicking, I feel like we are communicating with each other and understanding each other much better, and he is a much happier horse – I can feel when he is comfortable and almost feel him say ‘yep mum, that feels about right, keep doing that’. Is great to have that connection now, so thankyou.


I had the chiro look at him a few weeks back and he was indeed out in his left hip and shoulder like he said, so that is also making a difference.


Talk again soon,

Amanda K.

SA, 19.11.2009

Hi Dagmar,                                                            

Just wanted to express my thanks and to update you on Monty.

I had the chiropractor to him this morning and he said Monty's shoulders especially the off side were in bad shape. He did some manipulation with the muscles and fixed it.


Also the ligaments on the shins were fused to the bone and had to be rolled off. He said Monty would not have been able to go forward properly under saddle with out pain.

So I am very happy that these problems are being sorted out. He is coming back next week.


Monty did say something about his shins and he did say about being blocked in the off side shoulder and neck, so had he not communicated with you I would not have known. I did not know much about chiropractors so probably would never have thought to call on one.


Can you email me the name of that book you were talking about when we spoke?

Once again Many thanks.


Will get back to you with details of my thoroughbred in a few weeks time.

Kind regards



Hello Dagmar,

Jenny sent through your consultation notes with a horse she had just bought and I had Hair tested for her. She was amazed at how our findings complemented each other and gave her such a broad picture for their intended future together.

I see we have a few other mutual clients and if it feels OK to you, then I should like to pass on your name to a few more who would appreciate learning how best to communicate with their horses.

Keep up the lovely work.

Warmest regards AD

Angela Davison
Equine Herbalist, EMRT Practitioner

Angela Davison

Hello Dagmar,


Thank you so much for you email! I have been going to email you, I wanted to put something on your website about how great your reading was and how accurate! My husband was extremely impressed and we now have a walk in/walk out stable for Gem! There were only about 4 things you told me that I couldn't relate to, but couple of them her previous owner definitely could. One of them was the "prickly bushes"...apparently they are everywhere where Gem came from and she didn't like them at all. The other really interesting bit was "Sam". A couple of years ago, a lady did a crystal reading on the pony that was Gem's companion, and they were extremely attached. The lady told the owner that there was some emotional issue with someone called Sam. It took her the two days to really settle down, and even then she wasn't totally relaxed. I am trying VERY HARD (!!!) to be much more positive and confident on her and it is hard, especially when she gets so mentally wound up and Phil helped me a lot with handling her...but yes, she does need a huge amount of exposure. Poor Gem, I think she would much prefer the life of just pottering about at home! Anyway, in a few months time, I would love to have another reading with you (or can I do it more often???).........and then Gem can tell you if I am getting any better! Happy Riding!


Hi Dagmar,                                                           

Thankyou very much for talking to Emma. I feel we have become much closer as a team.

On the weekend, at Gawler River ODE, I was praising her around the whole course and we got our first clear round since last year. I appreciate all of your help and advice. The feedback you gave me was amazing and has helped me a lot.


Chloe and Emma


Hi there & good afternoon Dagmar,           


Just a quick little email to follow on from your consultation with my thoroughbred Herbie (bay with white heart star).

I have leased a companion pony who is now paddocked with Herbie.  Herbie seems much more settled, and as my other horse Coco (bossy tb/appy) is paddocked separately (biting issues) Herbie is no longer at the bottom of the pecking order.  The pony thankfully has three sheep to boss around, so he isn’t the bottom of the chain either!!

I took Herbie to Mt Crawford dressage club for an outing (not to compete) about three weeks ago.  It was a terribly windy day so I saddled him up and led him around, amongst the horses warming up – previous times he’d snort, prance, put his tail straight up etc etc etc…. but this time he was very relaxed.  I spent time with him on the ground, just reassuring him that being around the other horses was okay, and he really seemed much happier.

Onwards & upwards from here!!!!

Thanks heaps for your help,


SA, 23.03.2009

Dear Dagmar,                                                        

I would like to thank you very much for speaking to my horse. I have used your amazing talents for a few things now and each time you still amaze me with what you come back with.

Firstly I got you to speak to my dressage mount to find out I don’t clean his water trough enough :o) as well as many useful things to do with riding style, fitting of gear etc. Also explained his lack of sense of direction which finally made sense of his wondering when we go out for rides and never a need to go home.

You spoke to him just before I went in for my operation and made me feel at ease he understood and said to say “Hi”. I knew he was thinking of me. The amount of information you come back with astounded me and it is amazing to now know what this look means or that look. We think we understand them, but now I can see and understand my boy to another level which has created such a close bond between us it will be unbreakable! I also now know what I say to him, he does understand, to me calling him names when he doesn’t wish to be caught in the paddock to just normal how’s it going boy. It certainly makes a difference to my riding now as well as to spending time with him on the ground. After I returned from my operation he made it clear to me he understood and was going to take care of me when I returned to the saddle which he has done with absolute care! What a horse.

Only a few weeks ago he hurt himself and again I called for your assistance. He again come back with some very humorous things as well as helping me to understand exactly where his sore spots were and how bad they were. Very helpful, THANK YOU!!! He has now had a few very easy weeks of resting and enjoying the much loved carrots!

I also called on your talent in the aid of buying a horse. You spoke to this potential WB dressage mount, which we all know the amount they can go for, only to find out this youngster showed you possible ring bone and a few other possible soundness issue that could arise. This saved me a possible fortune vet bills . Again thank you.

You are truly amazing and I would recommend you to anyone who wishes to extend their understanding of their animals or future animals.



Hi Dagmar,

Everything is great. Thankyou for talking to Daulton. We had the Chiro out the next day and you were spot on with everything. I asked him if he had heard of you and he said he doesn't know you but has worked on a lot of horses you have done and is amazed that you are pretty well 100% spot on every time. You said he was sore in the wither area both sides. When I took his rugs of either side of his wither he had lots of lumps were a bull ant or something had bitten him poor thing. You said he felt like his old owners had just abandoned him threw him away couldn't work that out as they were just getting out of horses. But thinking about it we brought him and for two weeks he went to the property next door with Taylas instructor for some work to be done on him. He would have been able to see his paddock buddies over the fence and wonder why. The list just goes on. We can relate to most everything you said. Tayla is excited about her future with Doulton and looking forward to doing all the things you suggested. It brought tears to our eyes some of the things you said about how he felt about things. You have a wonderful gift and we are so grateful you could share it with us.

Kind Regards

Sandra and Tayla


Dear Dagmar,   

Thank you so much for your incredible insight with our lovely horse, Razzie and Lizzie. You have an amazing gift, of which I can truly say, is used as a positive learning tool and also...and healing catalyst. I can't begin to tell you the weight that has lifted from my heart know how Razzie feels and that she is fairly happy with us means so much. I challenge anyone who doubts your gift....

We will be in touch and I am sure Razzie would love to talk to you again. You are welcome to come and visit her at any time!

Take Care and thank you once again,


SA, 28.2.2009


Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with me and my horse. Your information was so accurate I was shocked, but because of you I was able to let my horse go and have the peace and freedom he needed, which was not going to happen in this world. In my darkest hour Dagmar you brought in a light that I will always be grateful for, your kindness is very appreciated. May my beautiful horse now have eternal peace.

Thank you



To anyone considering using Dagmar’s remarkable service,  I have only positive comments about her unique and beneficial ability. If only we all had this gift, life would be a happier place for many.

Dagmar communicated with my mare Keena on 2 separate occasion, approximately 2 months apart. On both occasions the information she relayed to me in our follow up phone conversation was accurate, helpful, and could only have come from actually communicating with Keena.

The first conversation between Dagmar and Keena took place on a Friday, and I did not speak to Dagmar until the Tuesday. Dagmar was unaware that in the meantime my girl had an “incident” with a gate and was in an equine hospital with pretty bad chest and forearm lacerations. She also mentioned straight away in the call that she had “checked in” with Keena that morning.

The information she passed on was amazing, such as accurately describing my driveway, the bit I was using, feed, the events I compete in, my choice of music (or rather lack of… Keena said I play the same music all the time, and she was right, playlist A on I tunes every night!) . She also described areas of soreness and pain consistent with her accident, but the winner was when she said her nearside eye was injured/sore and swollen. I dismissed this statement initially as fishing, but imagine the look on my face when I went to pick her up from the vets and there was her nearside eye, all cloudy and swollen.. I did a great goldfish impersonation!

The second communication was a great follow up, and the information she passed on was again eerily accurate and could only have come from my horse. She described her paddock mate, their relationship, the random friends horse that we had for only a month that she disliked, and her personality. She also described her sore spots etc, and this was confirmed that week by a chiropractor, every single point. She also mentioned that she like acupuncture (which she had had), and suggested we do it again. I asked the Chiropractor for this treatment, and suggested not sedating her this time. Keena practically grinned at us afterward!

My relationship with both my horses has definitely changed, I am aware that they understand everything I am saying, and treat them like I want to be treated, and the sneaky standing on my feet and hitting me on the head with their chins as I work under their head has gone (almost.. sometimes it must be too hard to resist!)

I will be using Dagmar’s service in the future as required, and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone that they try her services, she has a great gift that she is happy to share, and the results may just surprise you,

I know they did me.

Kirsty and Keena

NSW, 29.01.2009

Hi Dagi    


Dagmar you have an amazing gift of communicating to animals, I have had you communicate with quite a few of my animals mainly horses but also my dog. Absolutely amazing everything you said was accurate or I could piece together, everything! My dog was the funniest, she has this tendency to not come when called, but will look at me like I know I should come but I’m not, well that exactly what Dagmar said and Nellie (dog) said that I would never leave her so there was no need to come until she was ready!!! Which is true!

Even down to the fact my horse Sly (my horse) commented on a dripping tap coming from the stable area, which was one of the automatic waters leaking and a noise coming from the stable block that was annoying which I worked out to be the electric fence box tic tic tic-ing away, (when I sat and listened actually thought how annoying it would be too) which is situated very closely to his stable (I now turn it off of a night time when he comes in!) The one that really blew me away was Dagmar had said that Sly was sorry that he kicked out at me but it wasn’t at me, he got a fright with the thing you were carrying, I had let him out the stable one morning and had a chaff bag under my arm that I had used to carry hay out on his way out he double barrelled at me which he has never done, and I thought to myself oh my god how on earth would Dagmar know that if she didn’t have that special gift. Also Sly’s comment made about my daughter was absolutely spot on, I did have a laugh about his comment, how true!

I have a better understanding of my animal’s personalities, their needs, wants & wellbeing. I would not hesitate at all in recommending Dagmar to anyone. I think anyone that truly cares for their animals should have Dagmar to have a chat to them, it truly is amazing.

Thank you again Dagmar and you have a lifelong client with me!!!


Libby and all her four legged friends

SA, 28.01.2009

Hi Dagmar,                             

Just to tell you, she LOVES that bit. My instructor could not get over it. She was completely amazed. She wanted me to try one out first (they are not the cheapest), but I took the plunge and bought one, and I am so glad I did!

We are going to a show at one of the best stables in SA this weekend, so I am very happy that she will have a bit more of an advantage.

The dog that she is talking about is a white staffie called Tony, which barks at one of the horses near her. I haven't worked out what in particular the grooms are cooking that she thinks smells so terrible - most of the things that they cook smell pretty bad to me.

I have a huge favour to ask you. Would it be possible for you to communicate with my gelding? He is going for a vet check next week for his insurance, and I would love to have some info before that... as well as getting to know him better :)



SA, 26.01.2009


Just a quick note re thoughts I've had.  I spoke to a friend tonight, that while not officially caring for my horse, she has known all about her for a couple of years and has far more horse experience than I and has helped me each time she has been ill so knows her pretty well.   Both she & I spoke on the phone this evening and said how spot-on you were with just what she is like.  Really amazing from just the photos.  You have described her personality so well.

It then reminded me that it was my friend that has definitely patted her on the rump and has commented on her body shape in the past as she is more into confirmation and the finer horse build details.  I did tell her your comment on how she dislikes it and I'm sure she won't be doing it again....

The runny eye was a mystery until I remembered that I had to get the vet about 8 weeks ago as she, very out of character for her as she is the ultimate pacifist, bit my shetland on the eye and it badly started weeping. It was to scare her off her food, as back then, although she was paddocked separately, the shetland used to duck under the electric fence tape and harass her over her food! That was probably the snot in her food comment too!!  I'd completely forgotten about it.  She HATED the shetland in her food bowl.

The sore off side flank near the belly........ I listened to her gut sounds tonight and they were sooooo noisy.  In fact the vet commented on the gut sounds on that side on his last visit (this night I thought we were losing the battle with her as I thought she'd badly relapsed).  I've always thought she had a sensitive stomach and will have to try and work out if there are any other triggers.

Thanks again for your help with my horse.


Hi Dagmar,                                                      

Just wanted to update you on one of the horses you read for us - and that is Spud.

What we didn't tell you during the consultation was that the last time we took Spud to a show we were unable to get him on the float to come home.  After 2 1/2 hours we gave up, but with the help of a very lovely young lady had him loaded and off home very easily the next morning.

So, following your consult we decided that we would approach Spud in a very different way. 

Firstly, when we went to collect him from the agistment place we parked the float in full view of the paddock.  After catching him, and while walking down from the paddock with his mates, Amelia explained to Spud that we needed him to go on the float and that we were taking him back to the stables.

He walked straight on.  

Since coming back in we have reassured him several times that he is a keeper, and in a forever home.  He has been SOOO relaxed for Amelia to ride - and my blood pressure levels have gone down enormously.  There is nothing more frightening to a mother than to see a bouncing, unpredictable 16.3hh TB with YOUR child on top.  Even when that child is an adult - makes no difference at all!!

What has really blown us away though was something he did last week.  Amelia was "building" a makeshift bridge - to train her young horse over for western riding.  She was using a pallet, with bags and a strip of rubber over it.  While she was doing this Spud just walked up casually and climbed onto it.  He looked so smug - have attached a photo.


Each time Amelia moved him off he walked back on, as though to say "If you think that young whippersnapper can do it, so can I".

Spud is the very last horse we would have expected to do this - he has always seemed nervous of anything different, but now he is just the most laid back character.   We have had to put the bridge away - Spud keeps wanting to stand on it!  Not sure what they would think of him at a western show though.  At least Mia would be able to look down on all those quarter horses!!

Once again thank you for bringing out some of Spuds issues, which have helped us to understand him better - he obviously appreciates it too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

Lynn and Amelia