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Free Animal Communication Meditation

I created a meditation that will bring you closer together with your Animals. Don't worry if you have never done a meditation. Or if you have never done a meditation with your Animal! It is a guided meditation, so all you have to do is lean back, relax and enjoy.

Below you can find some information you may want to read before you do the Meditation.


  • Choose a time where they are calm. The exercise might help them to relax, for best results, choose a time your Animal is relaxed (e.g. you would not choose feed time or when you normally take them for a walk).

  • If possible choose an area where your Animal can be with you and where they are comfortable.

  • Some Animals might want to sit on or with you, others prefer to be near you but not too close.

  • Choose a comfortable spot for yourself which could be on the bed, the couch or in a chair. Maybe you want to use a mat on the floor so you can be closer to your Animal.

  • Make sure you have turned off all your devices such as mobile phones, computers and let anyone who is living with you know not to disturb you and your Animal for the next 15 minutes (e.g. your dog might not be able to relax if someone leaves the house or opens a can of food during that time).


  • Let your Animals choose where they want to be during the Meditation. Sometimes the energy can be a bit too much for them and they choose to move away from us. Therefore it can be that they move. That's OK. You don't have to be physically touching, to be able to connect with them. They can feel you, wherever you are!


  • Thank your Animal for doing the Meditation with you.

  • Do this Meditation as often as you wish, your Animals will love it!

  • The more you meditate (with your Animals), the easier it will be for you to connect with them.

  • Meditating more often with your Animals helps them to relax and be calmer overall.

  • Meditating helps them to share experiences with you and to process it so they will not be stuck in negative emotions.

  • Feel free to leave some feedback for us so we can implement it in our next meditation.

Feel free to give us feedback on how you and your Animals enjoyed the meditation.

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