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Health Reading

Don't just guess - know!

Get an URGENT Answer from your Animal!

  • Is your Animal unwell or stressed?

  • Do you need to know why your Animal is "playing up"?

  • Do you need a quick solution to help your Animal?

  • Do you have to make a fast decision around your Animal?

Book a Health Reading for your Animal

and get Feedback within 24 hours!

If you need to hear URGENTLY what your Animal has to say (e.g. because you have an Appointment booked with a Vet, Chiro, Dentist or other Health Professional) to:


Find out how they feel


Hear what is bothering them


Have feedback from them when taking them to the vet


Prepare them for the vet/chiro/physio/dentist visit


Know what you can do to help them

Understand what they need and want

Hear what messages they have for you and what they want to share with you.


...then this Service is for you and your Animal!

* If you are a new client, please book a Standard Reading for your Animal's first Consult to get access to this Service in Future.

What Animals can tell you:

  • How they feel

  • Where it is hurting

  • How much it is hurting

  • What they need to help them feel better

Book now to get Feedback within 24 hours!
Ask your Animal up to 3 Questions
Don't just guess what the Answer is. Know!

What a Reading can help you with:

What our Clients say:

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