What life's like as an Animal Communicator

July 26, 2018

THIS week, reporter Stephanie Timotheou hopped on the tram with animal healer and communicator Dagmar Klingenboek. She will be making an appearance at health and wellbeing festival Enlighten Adelaide this weekend.



Stephanie Timotheou: So how long have you been communicating with animals?


Dagmar Klingenboek: I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now.


ST: Wow. It’s certainly not your average job – how did you get into it? Was it something that was instilled in you from a young age?


DK: I always felt I had a connection with animals and that I, sort of, knew what they were thinking. My friend actually did a course and I thought it was quite interesting and decided to join her. It was actually quite funny, I was working for a horse trainer at the time and one day we had a horse that wasn’t performing well, so the trainer told me to go and talk to her. I had a chat with her and she told me her hip was out of place so we took her to the chiropractor to get checked and my boss was standing there and asked “so what’s wrong with her?”. The chiropractor said exactly what the horse had told me. You couldn’t see that there was any problem there. It’s telepathic, from mind to mind, you can ask them any questions you have about health or performance or anything you want to know from them.


ST: Incredible. So how did you actually realise you had this ability?


DK: Everyone can do it. It’s not an ability, especially kids, they are quite in tune. I now teach animal communication to help people learn how to open up and receive messages.


ST: People must be a bit sceptical when you first meet them and tell them what you do. How do they react?


DK: Yes, a lot of people are sceptical and I always say you have to experience it with your own animal to understand it. If someone communicates with your animal and then tells you things that no one else knows, that’s normally what blows them away. I give them certain information that makes them go “wow this is definitely working”, especially picking up pain or health issues and then getting them confirmed by a physio, chiropractor or vet. And all I need is a photo to communicate with them.


ST: Really? You can just look at a photo and know instantly what the animal is thinking?


DK: Yes, because it’s from mind to mind, I don’t actually have to meet with the animals. I’ve got clients all over the world who contact me and I just basically help them to understand their animals better and find out why there are problems and what’s going on.


ST: My dog has a barking issue, so if I showed you a photo of him, would you be table to tell me exactly why he’s barking?


DK: The photo is only used to identify the animal, not to actually see something in the photo, and then we obviously have to ask questions like “why are you barking?” and then the dog might tell us because he’s scared or because he’s alone but really, every dog is different. While their behaviour might tell us they are just being naughty, they are always trying to tell us something.


ST: So how do they actually communicate with you? Is it a sound, a look, a vibe?


DK: It comes in just like thoughts. It does feel a bit like your own thoughts that pop into your head.


ST: But it’s actually coming from the animal?


DK: Yes, when you learn to communicate with animals it can be a bit scary because you think it’s just what you’re making up, but that’s how it feels – your own thoughts, your own feelings. It’s all about differentiating your own thoughts from the messages coming from animals.


ST: It must be really rewarding. What do you love most about your job?


DK: Helping the animals because they don’t ask for a million dollars, they ask for little things. If they are just unhappy –

like if a horse is unhappy in its paddock – and you can change the paddock slightly and you see a positive change in their personality, it forms a deeper partnership and a better collaboration with your animal.


ST: Do you have any pets of your own?


DK: I have, yes. I have 16 chickens, a cat and six horses.


ST: (Laughs) so you live on a farm then?


DK: Yes, yes, in Wellington.


ST: Lovely. Well, we’re nearly at the end of our trip. Let’s wrap up by discussing your involvement in Enlighten Adelaide...


DK: I will have a stall there so if people want to meet me, have a chat or get a reading done they can stop by. I’ll be happy to answer any questions and tell people anything they want to know about animal communication. My life purpose is to help the animals and if I can get a better understanding between humans and animals, I can really make a difference.



ST: You obviously have a very deep love for our furry friends.


DK: Yes, I always have, more than people to be honest but don’t tell anyone that (laughs). Honestly a lot of the time they’re not naughty, they’re just misunderstood and need a voice and I’m lucky to be able to do that for them.



Enlighten Adelaide is on at the Adelaide Convention Centre, July 28-29


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What life's like as an Animal Communicator

July 26, 2018

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