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Connecting with Animals 
all around the world!

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I grew up in Switzerland and from a young age always had a deep desire to connect with Animals. Wanting to understand them and hearing their opinion led me to intensive studies to become an Animal Communicator.


Moving to Australia twenty years ago to follow my passion of working with horses, I realised that Animal Communication is the only way we can access direct information needed for their well-being (good physical and mental health). It also allows for a deeper connection and a greater relationship with them.

​I have been working as an Animal Communicator for over 15 years. Today, I live on a rural farm with many animals, including 7 horses, cats, dogs, birds and chickens.

Animals enrich my life and work with their knowledge, love and support. Talking to Animals has helped me to heal many Animals and fix their problems by having a better understanding of them and their situation.

Today I do Readings and Healings for Animals and their clients all over the world. 

I also teach Animal Communication courses (face to face and online) to help people rediscover their innate abilities and to connect with Animals. I have clinics coming up in Australia, Europe and America.

My Story

How I became an Animal Communicator...

Meet me and my Animals...

Any Questions? Call  0439 821 047 anytime for a free chat!


John F.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the photos of my horse and dog, and give them a Reading. I was amazed at the results you sent back, the things you found out about the both of them were unbelievably true. I still cannot believe all the information was sourced from looking at a simple photo. I have put some of the suggestions into practice and they seem to work. Once again thank you.

Image by Biel Morro
Jeanette W.

When my mum's cat went missing, I was desperate to try to contact him, as he vanished under unusual circumstances. Dagmar was able to contact the missing cat. He explained why he had taken off and she was able to reassure him on a couple of points. And after this, he reappeared, very nonchalantly, the next morning. Dagmar was lovely to talk with, and had good advice. She knows her stuff and is very reasonably priced. I am very happy with my experience and the result. Highly recommend her!

Sue T. FEI Rider

I have had my horse checked out and put on some medication for his breathing and he is so much improved it's quite amazing! I also discovered the prickly bushes he doesn't like. You really do have an amazing gift and I am so happy to have been able to come into contact with you.

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