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Gift a Reading

Connecting with Animals

all around the world!

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Voucher validity:

1 year

Voucher price:

AU$ 90

Gift Voucher Order Form: 

A Unique Gift for Animal Lovers

Looking for a unique gift for your family or friends?

How about a voucher for a Reading with their Animals?

Give them the opportunity to connect with their Animal on a deeper level. Ask them 10 questions and let them express their thoughts and feelings!

The Reading for your friend's Companion will reveal general information about the Animal such as character, likes, dislikes and anything the Animal wants to tell you but it will also give the Owner the opportunity to ask their Companion up to 10 questions. Questions about health, attitudes, competing & performance, behaviour and environment are all welcome.


Give your Animal-loving friend or family member the possibility to understand their Companion better which will lead to a deeper connection and therefore a better quality of life for all. It is also an ideal gift for yourself and your pets if you would like to know what is going on inside their head!

Step 1 - Fill in and submit the Gift Voucher Order Form.

Step 2 - Make a payment.

You will receive the voucher within 1 or 2 days. If you need the voucher urgently please call or email me and it will be sent to you on the same day.

What Animal picture would you like on the voucher?

Thanks for submitting!

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