Animal Healing/Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful healing technique commonly referred to as "energy healing.". In a standard treatment Reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands into the client or it can be give over distance. It activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body and promotes physical and emotional well-being.

Although Reiki traditionally has been used primarily for humans, it has many qualities that make an ideal complementary therapy for animals. Animals are naturals at accepting Reiki into their lives. It is gentle, painless, non-invasive and stress-free. It brings no harm to produce its healing properties.


Many chronic physical problems really are preceded by emotional trauma that has not been fully resolved. Recognising the energetic existence of the imbalance is the prelude to healing.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose. The energy floes to those areas most in need of healing, even those unknown to the healer. With healthy animals Reiki can help maintain health on all levels.

Benefits of a Reiki treatment for your companion:

  • Reiki heals at all levels of an animal's being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

  • For highly strung or nervous animals, Reiki induces deep relaxation and stress-reduction and, over time, can reduce the tendency toward nervousness

  • It complements both conventional and alternative therapies and can enhance their actions and lessen their side effects

  • Reiki can accelerate healing after surgery or illness

  • For a dying animal and his people, Reiki provides compassionate support that can make the transition more peaceful for all concerned

It is safe for both animal and healer and it can be adapted to any problem that affects the animal so it can be used under any circumstances.

Many of my clients have told me of the miraculous help Reiki has been for their animal companions.



What happens in a Healing Session

Intuition is an effective tool for treating and re-balancing health. Combining my two professions as an Animal Communicatior and certified Reiki practitioner I can find out from the animal how they are feeling, treating them and receiving feedback after treatment for best results.

During treatment animals may feel heat, tingling or pulsing. They might sigh, yawn, doze, fall asleep or enter a deep state of meditation. Some sense the energetic flow of the healing energy while others feel little. Regardless of their experience during treatment, most notice health improvements afterwards.

With many energy healing systems such as Reiki, homeopathy, acupuncture,... the process of healing can involve temporary healing reactions, when the client's body temporarily produces new symptoms or intensifies old ones as it detoxifies during or after treatment and are usually accompanies by signs of recovery.


Healing reactions can also occur on an emotional level and in rare instances can result in a brief period of worsening of symptoms or behaviour problems before they resolve.

Book a Healing Session

If you would like more information or to book a healing session, please email me ( or call me on 0439821047.


We can either arrange a "hands on" session near you or a distance healing session for more sensitive and wary animals who will generally accept a distant treatment if a treatment in person is too difficult for them.

For a session please provide the following information: (email to

  • Two clear photos (one of your animals head, showing the eyes clearly, the other showing the whole body) together with

  • Name, age, sex and breed (to put their answers into some context and therefore understand them better)



Payment of 75 $ for a healing session including input and feedback from the animal can be made via Paypal or direct debit any time before treatment.

Animal Communication

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