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Dr. James Gardiner, BSc (Kinesiology), DC

Director, Maplewood Equine Rehabilitation Centre

Being of open mind but skeptical as well, I have been assessing Dagmar and her talents of "conversing with Horses" for the past several months and have tested her with three horses that she knew nothing about. The information relayed back to us, from each horse, turned out to be surprisingly accurate, not only from the personal feelings of each horse but of most interest to me, the veterinary side of things. Two horses had pre-existing veterinary conditions which we knew about bu the third we did not. In fact, the horse failed a vet check, completely in line with the predictions of Dagmar.
I can therefore recommend her as being a worthy consideration if you too cannot put your finger on a possible veterinary condition.

Sue T., FEI Rider

National D Level Judge, Trainer/Instructor, Administrator and Confidant

Dear Dagmar,
How can I ever thank you for sharing your amazing gift. I have always thought that I had very content horses and I am grateful for your confirmation of that. But I am absolutely gob smacked by the way my boys look at me now. We seem to look at each other with much more knowing eyes. Thank you thank you thank you it is such a wonderful feeling for us all.
The insight to their worries, their fears and humour is the most precious insight. The boys and I have an even more relaxed way and as they look at me and I them, there is an understanding that goes beyond the normal animal-human interaction. My life revolves around the boys and I cannot thank you enough for the comfort and peace of mind that you have given me and I am sure them. The reassurance also that someone is there who can help in sometimes urgent need.
How many times has a horse owner said, "if only they could talk". Once again thank you so much Dagmar you are truly blessed and I am sure the horses thank you also.


Romley Sporthorses

Hi Dagi,
I would like to thank you so much for chatting to Hercules when we were having our "issues". I had him thoroughly checked over by a QUALIFIED Equine Chiropractor (not the usual one I use) and found that he did in fact have a sore spot on his wither, which, every time I asked him to canter on the left lead, would pinch and cause him the pain he was trying to explain to you.
His comments on my boring him, I can directly relate to my lunging him before I was getting on and doing arena work (all because I was scared of him bucking me off mind you). I also think I have fixed his "pinching feet". He now has beautifully balanced feet with shoes on and is stepping through beautifully - Dagmar had no idea he has been barefoot for the last 2 years!
I have also ridden him bareback since, after the comment that he wanted me to ride him bareback. I have not been game to ride him bareback for a long time thinking he'd tip me off, but he was an angel! Thank you, thank you.

Kelly Crombie

Dagmar has communicated with 6 of our Animal friends (5 horses and 1 dog). In each and every case her very detailed and lengthy dialogue has elicited very accurately the personality of each animal. In every case, Dagmar has provided verifiable facts, as well as numerous other issues that made perfect sense to us. One of the most amazing things was Dagmar's discussion with our pony, which revealed to us a situation at my daughter's school regarding some difficulties she had been having with some of her peers, and of which we were totally unaware. The wisdom and accuracy of the pony's advice was absolutely amazing.

​Some other examples: The grass seed we found lodged in Clementine's (horse) tail after she had told Dagmar that she was very itchy and uncomfortable around her tail; Gideon (horse) reminding Dagmar that the salt lick was missing from the paddock, and describing it accurately as the colour of a red brick (horses had been moved and we had forgotten to move the lick). He told Dagmar that he was my first horse as well as numerous other things that Dagmar had no way of knowing, including my intention and promise to keep him and care for him until the day he dies. He has ringbone in both front feet and he said that his feet are "a little numb, not 100% but no pain", much to my relief. The pattern of pain described by our dog, Emily, both hips, lower back and left leg, matched exactly the pattern of her injuries from a recent car accident (Dagmar was given no hints of a previous injury); Huckleberry's (horse) description of how he is ridden, the use of a bitless bridle, how many times a week he is ridden, riding discipline, a specific weed in his paddock, and a description of his favourite place to go riding. Also he pointed out an itchy spot behind his near fore pastern, where I found the beginnings of a little bit of greasy heel (only on that foot). He also described to Dagmar an area of damage on the western roof of our house that was concerning him (it was actually a temporary scaffold constructed years ago, which had rotted and is starting to fall apart and slide of the roof. I had noticed it, but it is directly above where I have the clothes line, and I guess he was worried about it falling onto me). The list just goes on and on...

​Even with my normally skeptical mind, I cannot doubt the absolute truth in Dagmar's amazing ability. Not only is Dagmar able to get to the crux of any physical issues, but also the emotional issues the Animals may have. Most interesting is the fact that the Animals seem to have a clear picture of our intentions with each of them. Our relationships with our Animals has taken on a new dimension. I would highly recommend Dagmar's services to anyone and everyone who is fortunate enough to have Animal Companions.

Tracy Milne

To those who are searching to better understand their equine Companions:

​It is such a privilege to have Dagmar communicate with our new horse, Milly, to assist us in getting to know her and how best to provide an environment that she will be comfortable with and ensure that Milly would be happy and capable of the activities that we wanted to pursue.

I was able to trial this dear little horse for a week where I put her through her paces using Mr and Mrs HP's methodologies in assessing and testing every aspect of mental, emotional and physical health trainability.

Dagmar provided that additional dimension that not only confirmed all that I could see and feel from Milly during our assessment but took it a whole lot further and gave Milly a chance to tell her side. There was so much information from Milly that Dagmar was able to relay to us. Quite a bit was validating what was going on around Milly and that Milly was okay with this. But there was so much more depth in information that could have only come from Milly to Dagmar: aspects of food, stabling, likes and dislikes, very specific matters regarding training, rugs, equipment, events on the property, horse companions, even a problem with the float that is now being fixed. I have three pages of notes that reflect Dagmar's ability to communicate with our horse.

​Most importantly we wanted to know if Milly wanted to belong to us, and she did and now she does and we couldn't be happier.

​Mr HP is constantly reminding us to listen to our horse; thanks to Dagmar we can go even deeper. And the funniest part is we really can see Milly communicating with us, she is a regular chatterbox telling us some story or another.

And one really important thing that Dagmar was able to relay from Milly that supports what Mr HP is also constantly telling us, Milly wants to go out!! (And we will as soon as the float is back from the technician!)

​I cannot express enough appreciation to Dagmar in being available to help us be better guardians with our beautiful horses.


Hi Dagmar,

​I just have to pass on my sincere thanks for your magic.
I rode my horse today and he was so so amazingly different, he was much calmer and I really feel he took care of me today and we connected. I would add that I have not ridden him for over three weeks and we rode in his big paddock where he is usually quite a handful due to him being 'so fast'! But today he went at my pace for me. It was beautiful.
It started yesterday - I am still processing what is happening - BUT I KNOW IT IS REAL!!!

I am ecstatic and gob smacked!!
Anyways just wanted to pass that back to you and THANK YOU AGAIN so much!!


Hi Dagmar,

I think you are amazing! I felt I could talk to my horse when I was growing up, but could never prove it to anyone. I just knew. I'm so glad it's real. I'm going to try to rekindle my talent with the horses I have now. Its been many years since I had my first horse. But somehow I feel I can do it again! Thank you! God bless you!


Hi Dagmar,

Hope you are well. I just want to thank you for making my boy's passing easier. You are a very special person to me now and is it possible to tell him we all miss him dearly and he will fill our thoughts always he is in our hearts forever.

Thank you once again.


Hi Dagmar,

From my horse and myself, would love to say we are very glad you found your calling.

You once did a reading for me. The things you spoke of was as if my horse was speaking to me himself. You picked things that no one else ever knew about. Like his favourite food, that horses are not meant to eat.

​I am looking forward to attending one of your courses in the future, as I have noticed I am better at Animals understanding me, but still need a lot of work on understanding them. Thank you for everything you have done Dagmar.


Hello Dagmar!

We had our big event and Crossy was amazing! We pulled it together and got Top 10 in the big event with a workout that brought us all to tears. Couldn't have done it without your help at all! I have no doubt Crossy loves his chats as well and there will definitely be more in the future I have no doubt! Cannot thank you enough!


Dagmar we found him!!!! I can't believe it I'm just so so happy.

Over the weekend we had some reported sightings and the animal charity helped me to set a trap yesterday in the area he was last seen. Then last night monsoonal weather set in and we had a Black rain warning- flights grounded- really really bad. So we went out to close the trap up for the night because it would be dangerous for him if he was trapped in the weather.

And then when we got there we hear a dog barking and there he was dripping wet in the cage. He was going wild and almost unrecognisable. Skin and bones, drenched and biting at the cage. Obviously terrified. We couldn't risk losing him as we got him out of the cage so we took him back home on his cage on the golf buggy and when he got home and saw Charlie (our other dog) he returned to the old Toto.

I just can't believe we have him back!!! He has lost a lot of weight and has a few cuts and scratches but on the whole is ok. So nice to wake up to him wagging his tail and wanting a cuddle this morning...

Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. We found him in big a vacant lot full of dense undergrowth below houses. It was to the north when we got him. I found those blue flowers you mentioned in this block. And the tram lines you mentioned- ladders across the ground. Very close to the school and on the bus route. He did give you the right instructions it just took us a while to get there.

Thank you Dagmar!!!!!


Hi Dagmar,

I just wanted to thank you again for the reading you did for Baxter and Koga. It was wonderful to hear from them and so accurate. It’s given me great insight in to their needs and I will definitely have another one done soon.

Thanks again and take care.


Hi Dagmar

​Just to say thank you for the Reading with Rui last night. I have gradually been working my way through all the information and finding it very interesting and touching in many ways. Spent some lovely time with him this morning and think this whole experience will undoubtedly enrich our journey. Will keep in touch, best wishes and enjoy the rest of your holiday.


Dear Dagmar,

I wanted to let you know that I saw Tyske today for the first time since your reading and it was one of the most amazing days of my life! We both felt a very special connection and were able to use what you shared to begin our new process of communicating with each other. It was wonderful and so special. Thank you again for starting us off!

​I am really keen to improve my listening and communicating skills and I was wondering if you have a one or two day seminar coming up? My best friend lives in Adelaide and I thought I might be able to come over and see her during the Christmas holidays and if you had any courses available I would be very interested.

​Anyway thank you again from both of us!


Hi Dagmar,

I hope you are well. A quick update on Ellie - she is fantastic! Such a different horse & so happy & content now. She walks up to me in the paddock & wants to be first caught & worked. Such a difference. Even my friends keep commenting on how friendly she is now! I completely trust her now & just really enjoy her company.

I wondered if you could please let me know in advance when you are running your next course even if it's interstate as I am willing to travel as I really want to participate & try to take my relationship with my animals to the next level.

​Thanks heaps!


My little summary!

When my mum's cat went missing, I was desperate to try to contact him, as he vanished under unusual circumstances. Dagmar was the only one who was able to help as others I tried only worked business hours or no longer helped with missing Animals.

Dagmar was able to contact the missing cat. He explained why he had taken off and she was able to reassure him on a couple of points (ie why a strange cat was suddenly being buried in his yard).

And after this, he reappeared, very nonchalantly, the next morning.

Dagmar was lovely to talk with, and had good advice.

She knows her stuff and is very reasonably priced.

I am very happy with my experience and the result. Highly recommend her!


Hi Dagmar,

​Hope you're well.

Thank you for talking to Joel. You were right. Joel was sore in his front left leg, his girth, and his right neck and shoulder. The Bowen therapist said he was also sore in the hind end. But nothing too serious that I need to worry about, which is also what you said!


Dear Dagmar,

Today absolutely blew me away, thanks for the effort!

It was very insightful and made a lot of sense to me as it fitted her personality perfectly. I will attach a photo of the foal you mentioned.

The saddle was the only thing that confused me. She said it was pretty comfortable, though a little narrow but then said she liked a well-balanced saddle.

She was fitted by Mel Fleming for a Balance saddle and I found she moved very well in it. I am close to buying one now but unsure whether it will make a difference if she is happy in my current saddle. Oh well, a choice for me.

The background about her racing days was interesting - though I know there was some sadness around her foals. Both actually died, though the one you mentioned lived for a little while.

Her insight to trust was amazing, and something I have been coming to on my own. How can we make promises about what will happen?


Dear Dagmar,

Thank you very much for your communication with my donkey. I feel more confident that she is receiving the best possible care from me.

It all made sense and I hope this new understanding will strengthen our relationship further.

Narelle & Charlie

Hi Dagmar,

I just wanted to give you an update on Charlie, I got a lot out of your Reading that made sense. One thing in particular was you said he was showing you a white flapping thing. It occurred to me afterwards about the roll down covers on the side of my float, after inspecting them properly, I discovered that the stud of one was gone, and it did indeed flap around while we were travelling.

He also showed you something to do with the divider in the float and me picking up a stick. I used to have to 'encourage' him onto the float every time with gentle tapping of the dressage whip on his hip. He would go on but not willingly. I have since started moving the divider over for him and now just put the rope over his neck and head him at the float and he almost runs on! I've also found that if I move the divider over when I get him off he doesn't run off like he used to. Some would say he should get used to it but I'm prepared to do it for him if it makes that much of a difference. He hasn't been any trouble at all to load or unload since I figured these two things out (thanks to you).

We took him out to a show yesterday for the first time in a while, and my 14 year old daughter was riding. I was a bit apprehensive as he can get a bit stressy at shows, but I explained to him where we were going and asked him to look after her and he was fantastic all day, even when a pony (love those ponies!) decided to run backwards into him instead of go and do its workout.

I think your Reading has really given me an insight into his way of thinking, and while we still have the odd issue, we have developed a better relationship because of what you were able to tell me.

Thank you so much, I will be getting you to communicate with him again in the future.

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