Frequently Asked Questions


What is animal communication?

Animal communication is carried out telepathically. It is a direct two-way conversation with an animal where they can be asked any questions about problems or anything in general. In return they send us pictures, thoughts, words, emotions and feelings.

Intensity and impression of the communication depends on the animal and the human being. It is no miracle cure but a reliable way to a better understanding between humans and animals and their mutual relationship in the past, presence and future.


What is telepathy?

Telepathy comes from the Greek "tele" and "pathos" and means "remote viewing". It is the ability to send information from one mind to another, and is one form of extra-sensory perception without using our five common senses.

All creatures on this earth communicate that way. It is nothing abnormal or unusual. It is a hereditary ability of all beings, including humans. It was or is natural for all primitive people, e.g. aboriginals, to be consistent with nature and all creatures and to receive information and knowledge telepathically, "to feel over distance". 

Parapsychologists have performed a number of experiments attempting to provide repeatable evidence of the existence of telepathy.


What can I expect from a communication with my animal?

You can receive answers to questions regarding problems you have with your animals. You can learn to understand their view better, how they think, what they do and what they don't understand and what you can do so you will have a better collaboration and partnership.

Do you communicate with any kind of animals?

Yes, the communication can be done with any living creatures, e.g. domestic or wild animals, reptiles and even insects.


Is it possible to speak to deceased animals?

Yes, it is possible to speak to deceased animals. They might have left their body but their soul is still present. It is quite painful for humans when someone dies, animals often can't understand as life continues on another level and it is just about leaving their body.


Can anyone communicate with animals?

We all have the ability to communicate telepathically, this can often be observed with kids. Unfortunately we forget how to use the ability and how to handle it as we are starting to question everything and not trusting our "sixth sense" anymore.


Do animals always want to talk?

Most animals are excited about the contact and answer happily. But we also have to accept it if they don't want to talk in general or about a certain subject (e.g. as it might be too painful for them).


Animal Communication

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