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Connecting with Animals

all around the world!

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  • What is Animal Communication?
    Animal Communication is a telepathic two way conversation with your Animals, similar to two humans having a conversation. I don't "analyse" or "read" your Animal's body language or "study" their behaviour. I connect with your Animal, from mind to mind. I don't need to meet your Animal, a picture is used to "identify" them and connect with them. A Reading allows your Animal to express their thoughts and feelings and anything they want you to know. You can also ask them questions and pass on messages about their worries, health, environment and performance. Give your Animals a voice, hear what they have to say!
  • What is Telepathic Communication?
    Telepathy is the ability of all beings to send and receive information from mind to mind without using our 5 senses or physical interaction. To communicate telepathically, all we have to do is tune in to the right energy channel. Therefore, time and space are no barriers. It is just as easy to talk to an Animal in Europe as it is to talk to an Animal in the same room. It is even possible to talk with Animals who have passed away!
  • I am worried what my Animal may say (about me)!
    Your intention is to help your Animals and make them as comfortable and happy as you can. Your Animals know and appreciate that about you. Animals don't say negative things about their Owners. Even those who have been badly treated don't focus on the negative energy or on those who inflicted the pain. They want to look ahead and focus on the things we can do for them. They might have suggestions, things you can do differently but they will not offend you in any way. It wouldn't be beneficial for them. Even if you might find out later that could have done things differently, be assured your Animals know that you are doing the best you can with the knowledge you have at the time.
  • What can I expect from a Communication with my Animal?
    A Reading is an opportunity to have a direct two-way conversation with your Animals. Animal Communication helps you to understand their views, how they feel and think, their concerns, attitudes and enjoyments. They can explain to you why they react a certain way and what they need to feel safe and happy. You can also ask them specific questions that are important to you, no background information needed. They might even have a question they want to ask you! A Communication with your Animals doesn't mean that you will be able to "control" your Animals but a change in behaviour can often be seen once we understand the cause of their behaviour and necessary (often small) changes have been put into place.
  • How do I book a Reading?
    You can book a Reading through here: When booking the Reading, you can choose a suitable time for our feedback call. To save any confusion, you will be able to choose the appointment in your time zone. You will also need the following information when booking a Reading: Two clear pictures (please see FAQ "What kind of pictures do you need?" for more information. Name, age, sex and breed (to put their answers into some context and therefore understand them better). Up to 10 questions for your Animal (e.g. are you happy, how are you feeling/ are you sore anywhere, what do you like/don't like, what can I change to make life better for you). Phone number I can contact you on. Payment can be made through Paypal (you can pay with a debit/credit card if you don't have a Paypal Account) when booking the Reading.
  • How does a Reading work?
    Once you have booked a Reading and I have received all the necessary information, I will connect with your Animal and have a conversation with them. I do the Reading with your Animal prior to our call and ring you at the arranged time. Before I look at the questions I let your Animal talk about anything they want to tell me, anything that concerns them. I only ask them your Questions once I have the initial conversation with them and they have nothing else to add. Some of the things Animals say don't make sense to me and need to be explained/discussed on the phone. Therefore it is easier to give you a call. Feel free to take notes during our call or you can add the Reading Transcript to your purchase (AU$20 for a written report which will be emailed to you after our call).
  • What kind of pictures do you need?
    I don't use the pictures to "see" something on them but rather to "identify" the Animal I want to Communicate with. Therefore it doesn't matter if they are a few days or weeks old. The quality of the pictures is more important than anything else. Please make sure they are clear and not too dark. If possible, choose a full body picture and a picture of their head, showing the eye(s) clearly. The kind of pictures you would show to your friends when talking about your Animal.
  • Why do I have to ask my Animal questions?
    I can find out how your Animal feels about life, their purposes, concerns, attitudes, or enjoyments, but a Consultation is facilitated by you asking specific questions that are important to you. No background information is needed. Animals may not talk about your areas of concern unless you focus their attention on them as from experience, it is not necessarily equivalent what an Animal considers important and worth telling and what worries the Owners. Questions about health, attitudes, competing and performance, behaviour and environment are all welcome.
  • What Animals can you Communicate with?
    We can connect with any Animal, alive or passed, even wild Animals and Insects! I had the pleasure to talk to many Animals for my Clients such as horses, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, snakes and even a butterfly and a fish!
  • Can you connect with Animals who have passed away?
    Yes, we can connect with Animals who are not with us anymore. Often we have a lot of questions around our Animal's passing, their life with us and where they are now. We might even feel guilty and wonder if we have made the right decision. A Reading can certainly give you closure to all the answers around your Animal's life, their transitioning and if they are OK now. You might even want to ask them if they are still around you and if they can send you a sign.
  • Do Animals always want to talk?
    Animal Communication is giving our Animals a voice. We want to hear what they have to say so we can help them as best as we can. Why would they refuse to talk to us? It doesn't make sense! I have never had an Animal refuse to connect with me, it just doesn't happen. Animals might not want to bring up a specific subject because it is too upsetting or because it is in the past (even though they do give me an indication of what has been going on). But I have never had an Animal not wanting to connect and talk. It is their opportunity to have a say. Why would they choose not to?
  • How will you give me feedback?
    I do the Reading with your Animal prior to our call and ring you at the arranged time. Some of the things Animals say don't make sense to me and need to be explained/discussed on the phone. Therefore it is easier to give you a call. Feel free to take notes during our call or you can add the Reading Transcript to your purchase (AU$20 for a written report which will be emailed to you after our call).
  • Can anyone communicate with Animals?
    Yes! Anyone can learn how to communicate with Animals! Everyone has telepathic abilities, it is not a "gift" as many people think. It is an innate ability of all beings. Kids are quite "in tune" when they are young but our education, social norms and scepticism stop us from using and trusting our abilities. Later in life a lack of awareness, fear and doubt mean that we have to relearn how to tune in and listen to other beings. Just because we don't speak a language doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Science has no proof that telepathic communication works or doesn't work. Science also, cannot prove that your feelings, dreams and emotions exist, yet they do. There is no doubt that Animal Communication works, as findings are confirmed by Clients, Chiropractors, Vets, Dentists... The information could have only come straight from the Animal, it is impossible that the information would have been "guessed" or made up. If you would like to learn how to Communicate with Animals yourself, please visit my "Courses" page for further information.
  • How can I learn how to Communicate with Animals?
    A lot of people who are close to their Animals have experienced Animal Communication before. Through guidance, step-by-step techniques, practical exercises and support you will gain the confidence you need to Connect and Communicate with Animals. If you would like to relearn and fine-tune your innate abilities, please check out our "Courses" and "Mentoring" pages to find out which Course would be suitable for you, whether it is in person, online or one-on-one teaching.
  • Where exactly will the Course be held?
    The Course will be held in Adelaide Hills, you will receive the exact address after booking.
  • Do I need to have any previous experience?
    No, you don't need to have any previous experience in Animal Communication. You will be taught every step from what it feels like when you receive messages, how to connect with Animals and to ask them questions. If you have some previous experience, that's great too! You will be able to broaden your horizon and learn new techniques developed by Animal Communication to help you receive messages accurately and confidently.
  • Do I need to bring my Animals?
    No, you don't have to bring your Animals. Please bring pictures of your Animals so we can connect with them during the Course.
  • I am not confident learning new skills. Do you think this Course is still for me?
    Many clients doubt their own abilities. My techniques will leave no doubt that you are connecting with Animals and your confidence will skyrocket during this Course!
  • I don't have any Animals at the moment. Can I still do this Course?
    Yes, of course! Animal Communication is beneficial for anyone. It not only teaches you how to connect with Animals but also how to become aware of your surroundings and connect with all beings. It teaches you to trust your intuition (gut feeling) and listen within. It is a great enrichment for your path into the future.
  • I work with Animals, do you think this Course is beneficial for me?"
    Absolutely! In future not only do you have to rely on your observation but you also have the tool to listen to the Animals so they can tell you how they feel. If you are a massage therapist for example you can connect with them and ask them for pain. It might also unlock your ability to let the Animals guide you by just "knowing" what they need.
  • My child would like to attend the Workshop, how old do children have to be to be able to attend?"
    There is no age limit as such because it really depends on the child and it is something that can only be judged by you. You need to be aware that we are doing a lot of exercises where we have to sit still and be quiet. Children are very intuitive and successfully connect with Animals because they don't question it and doubt their ability. I had children as young as 10 years old participate in a two-day Course and all the adults were amazed how accurate they were in their connection with Animals.
  • How do I reserve my seat?
    All you have to do is click on the "book now" button and pay a non-refundable deposit of $95. The rest can be paid online or on the day.
  • How will I receive my free Reading?
    Once you have booked the Course you will receive a link to book your free Reading, valid until 31st December 2021. If you have any issues, please email us at
  • How can I access the free ebooks?
    Once you have booked the course you will receive a link to access and download the ebooks. If you have any issues, please email us at
  • How much does the Course cost?
    The Course costs $ 495 and includes a FREE Reading and access to 2 FREE ebooks! You only have to pay a $95 deposit at the time of booking.
  • How do I pay for the Course?
    You just have to pay a $95 non-refundable deposit when paying the Course. The rest can be paid any time before the Course or in cash on the day of the Course. You don't need a paypal account to pay for the Course. When you get to the checkout page, just choose the option "Pay with Paypal" or below "Pay with a credit card".
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