Equine Assisted Body Work

Physical Health

Health concerns


Lameness & soreness


Internal blockages


Understand what's wrong with your Horse

Mental Health

Stress & anxiety




Trauma & blockages


Understand what the 
problem is

Your Horse knows

What they need


What can you do


What needs to change


Listen to your Horse

Answers to

Where are they sore


How can we help


Body functionality


Internal issues

An Equine Assisted Body Work Session for your Horse is $90




A Combined Session which includes a Reading
(with up to 10 Questions you can ask) is $150 (see below)

Animal Communication & Equine Assisted Body Work combined Session

Your Horse will tell me in our session where they are sore and what they need to help them feel better.


They can guide me to their sore spots and tell me what kind of body work they want to assist them.


It has never been easier to work with Animals when hearing it straight from "their mouth"


Please call me on 0439 821 047 to arrange a session with your horse.

Age, breeding or discipline doesn't matter. I am simply passing on any messages your horse has during the session

Help your horse to be content and happy! 

A combined session for your horse (including 10 Questions you can ask) is $150 for 1 Animal.

What our clients say

Your work is a huge asset in my opinion to horses of any discipline. Abbie seemed a lot calmer in herself and looser in her body after the session. Her eyes are softer and her stifle hasn't locked since then. I can't thank you enough for your help and your unique ability to connect with the horses.
Helen P.

Toby had suffered an injury in the paddock and had been listless and lacking energy. A couple of days after the session he was trotting better at liberty in the arena and his energy felt improved. He also wanted to trot around and play more.
Helen W.

My horses really loved the session! The changes I have seen over the last week have been very positive physically and emotionally (excellent for their mental well being). I feel the combination of communication and body work on the horses is a unique therapy and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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Animal Communication

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