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Animal Communication

Give your Animals a Voice!


Get Answers to:

  • Health concerns

  • Behavioural issues

  • Aggression & anxiety

  • Training & performance

  • Trust issues

  • Trauma

  • Your questions


Learn how to communicate with Animals:

  • Rediscover your telepathic abilities

  • Learn easy techniques to connect with your Animals

  • Understand how they think and what they feel

  • Get answers to your questions

  • Solve issues 


Mentoring Programme for all Levels:

  • One-on-one Mentoring
    to learn Animal Communication at your own pace

  • Advanced Mentoring, tailored to your needs

  • Personal guidance to refine your skills

  • FREE introductory and follow up call


Access to:

  • FREE ebooks to help you understand your Animals better

  • FREE Meditations to connect with your Animals on all levels

  • FREE Membership to access all our resources in one area


Let your Animals benefit from a Healing and Reiki Session:

  • Enhance emotional, mental and spiritual

  • Reduces pain and improves health

  • Helps with stress, anxiety and trauma

  • Boosts immune system


Help your Horse with:

  • Health concerns

  • Stress & anxiety

  • Lameness & soreness

  • Motivation

  • Training & performance

  • Let them tell you where they are sore and what they need

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New to Animal Communication?

"Animal Communication has got nothing to with "reading" an Animal's body language or "studying" their behaviour.

Animal Communication is a telepathic two-way conversation, a connection from mind to mind where we can exchange information with them, just like two humans having a conversation.


Knowing what is going on inside them helps you understand your Animals, their behaviour, health issues, concerns such as aggression and anxiety, likes and dislikes as well as their dreams and purpose in life.

I offer Readings for your Animals to give them a voice. You can pass on messages but you can also ask them Questions to focus their attention on anything you are concerned about. Questions about health, attitudes, competing & performance, behaviour and environment are all welcome.


In my Courses I guide people on their exciting journey discovering their innate abilities so they can hear their Animals to reach a better collaboration in living and working together. 

Watch the video to learn more!

Taking care of your Animals

behavior 2.png
Behavioural Issues

Understand their behaviour from their perspective and what you can do to help change it.

Trust Issues

Why don't they trust? What do they need from you to build trust between your Animal and you?

Health Concerns

Do they have any health issues or pains? What treatment do they want? Hear from them how they feel and what they need.

Training & Performance

How can you improve their motivation, engagement and performance by providing what they need?

Aggression & Anxiety

Let them explain to you how they feel and why they react a certain way and what you need to do to help them feel calm and secure.


What happened? Why is your Animal traumatised? How can you work through it with your Animals so they can be happy again?


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What our clients say

Image by Siarhei Plashchynski

from Bec

Thank you so much for the readings on our two Horses.

What you said sounded exactly like them, their personalities really shone through.
I really appreciate the time you spent with me.

Image by Ramesh Casper

from Kim

I just wanted to thank you again for the reading you did for Baxter and Koga. It was wonderful to hear from them and so accurate. It’s given me great insight in to their needs and I will definitely have another one done soon.

Image by Ramiz Dedaković

from Carolyne

Thank you for tonight - we are still laughing at some of the things he said, so very true.

I also liked how he told me to stress less - unfortunately 100% spot-on.

Dagmar Klingenboeck 3.jpg

About me

I grew up in Switzerland and from a young age always had a deep desire to connect with Animals. This led me to intensive studies to become an Animal Communicator. Twenty years ago I moved to Australia to follow my passion of working with horses.


Working with horses made me realise that Animal Communication is the only way we can access direct information needed for their well being (good physical and mental health). It also allows for a deeper connection and a greater relationship with them.

I have been working as an Animal Communicator for over 10 years. Today, I live on a rural farm with many Animals, including 7 horses, cats, dogs, birds and chickens.

Animals enrich my life and work with their knowledge, love and support. Talking to Animals has helped me to heal many Animals and fix their problems by having a better understanding of them and their situation.

Today I do Readings and Healings for Animals and their Owners all over the world. 

I also teach Animal Communication Courses (face to face and online) to help people rediscover their innate abilities to connect with Animals. I have Clinics coming up in Australia, Europe and America.

3 very good reasons why you should
join our Animal Communication Tribe: 

  1. You love Animals, you want to understand them and have a better relationship with them.

  2. We don't flood your inbox (we won't email you on a daily or even weekly basis)!

  3. We only get in touch to...

  • Let you know about a free resource made available for you to help you connect with your Animals. 

  • Offer you a discount. 

  • Let you know about upcoming Animal Communication Courses in your area.

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