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How to talk to your Animals!

Is your Animal doing exactly the opposite from what you want them to do?

Are you tired of nagging them to get the results you want?

Do they show behavioural issues and you don't know how to change them?

 You can do all this for FREE! All it costs is a few minutes of your day! 

​Did you know that...

  • A feeling of “intuition” (gut feeling) could actually be a message from your Animal?

  • You need to be quiet and present to be able to hear your Animals?

  • Animals can understand every word you are saying and thinking?

  • Animals need to know what is going on so they can feel safe?

  • Animals pick up on your emotions and worry?

This eBook has all the answers for you!

In this eBook you will learn...

  • What your Animals need from you

  • How to treat them so they show you respect in return

  • How to be present and quite so you can hear your Animals

  • Why it is important to listen to your intuition

  • How to talk to your Animals and what to say to them

  • Do's and don'ts

  • How to be positive in every situation for the sake of your Animals

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Download eBook

What clients say about this eBook and how to talk to their Animals:

You suggested to tell Bob about our trip to the beach before putting him on the float.

He looked at me with his ears pricked as if he understood everything I was saying.

He walked on the float straight away and he was so calm during the whole trip. Normally he would be anxious and sweating. Thank you so much for your help Dagmar, talking to him has definitely made such a difference to him. He truly understands what I am saying!

- Gary and Bob

Image by Erik-Jan Leusink
Image by Chris Neumann

I can’t begin to explain how much calmer my saddling is with Mick – has been YEARS since he has been so accepting!


We took a ride on dirt trails this past weekend.


His energy was crazy – SO READY to get back out I believe!!!

- Jill

If you REALLY want to know what your Animals have to say, why not book a Reading for them?

Hearing what your Animals have to say is just one click away...

Anyone can Communicate with Animals! Awaken your innate abilities...

Hi, I am Dagmar

I grew up in Switzerland and from a young age always had a deep desire to connect with Animals. This led me to intensive studies to become an Animal Communicator. Twenty years ago I moved to Australia to follow my passion of working with Horses.


Working with Horses made me realise that Animal Communication is the only way we can access direct information needed for their well-being (good physical and mental health). It also allows for a deeper connection and a greater relationship with them.

I have been working as an Animal Communicator for over 10 years. Today, I live on a rural farm with many animals, including 7 horses, cats, dogs, birds and chickens.


Animals enrich my life and work with their knowledge, love and support. Talking to Animals has helped me to heal many Animals and fix their problems by having a better understanding of them and their situation.

Today I do Readings and Healings for Animals and their Owners all over the world. 

I also teach Animal Communication Courses (face-to-face and Online) to help people rediscover their innate abilities to connect with Animals. I have clinics coming up in Australia, Europe and America.

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