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Teaching clients all around the world!

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Let's Talk Animals!

Animal Communication -
The language of all Beings

How you can start your own Animal Communication Journey! 

Have you ever wondered how Animal Communication works?


Would you like to be able to connect with your Animals and hear what they have to say? 

Would you like to bring your relationship with your Animals to the next level?

Would you like to know how you can improve their life?

Join our FREE LIVE Session to start your own Animal Communication Journey (including Q & A).

Cost: $20                           Duration: approx 2 hours


Two-way conversation with your Animals

In this Animal Communication Mini-Course you will learn:

  • How Animal Communication works?

  • How Animal Communication can help you and your Animals?

  • How you can access this universal language of all beings?

  • What you can do to improve your innate abilities?

Take that first step towards Animal Communication.



The Secrets of
Animal Communication

Feeling -
Receiving Messages

Connecting -
With all Beings

Ask Questions -
Meet Dagmar

  • What is it?

  • How does it work?

  • How it can help you and your Animals.

  • Do's and Don'ts.

  • How it changes lives! 

  • How you can "feel" your Animals.

  • Open up different Channels to receive Messages.

  • Gain confidence.

  • Learn to trust.

  • How can you connect with your Animals?

  • Exercises to help you be still and focused.

  • How can you build up your confidence?

  • Tips and Tricks when you are stuck.

  • "Meet" Dagmar (Online).

  • Ask Questions.

  • Stay connected by joining our Facebook Group.

  • Get discounts and special offers.

"The Universal Language of all Beings is Waiting to be Discovered by YOU!"

Curious? Then join us today! 


Girl with Her Dog

Dear Dagmar, not one day passes when I don't think of your Course. It was one of the best things that I have ever done! I have learned so much, what a great experience. Again thank you so much!

Fanny T.

Thank you for a wonderful Session today, I loved it and learnt so much about myself. Not to ignore my thoughts and feelings I get. It was also great to meet those fabulous women and to see you again.

Denise S.

Image by Kari Shea
Working from Home

Thank you Dagmar, my friend is sharing some lovely messages with me that she has experienced from her animals since your course.. It has deepened her connection with them. We are so blessed to have animals in our life.



I grew up in Switzerland and from a young age always had a deep desire to connect with Animals. This led me to intensive studies to become an Animal Communicator. Twenty years ago I moved to Australia to follow my passion of working with Horses.

​Working with Horses made me realise that Animal Communication is the only way we can access direct information needed for their well-being (good physical and mental health). It also allows for a deeper connection and a greater relationship with them.

I have been working as an Animal Communicator for over 10 years. Today, I live on a rural farm with many animals, including 7 horses, cats, dogs, birds and chickens.

Animals enrich my life and work with their knowledge, love and support. Talking to Animals has helped me to heal many Animals and fix their problems by having a better understanding of them and their situation.

Today I do Readings and Healings for Animals and their owners all over the world. 

I also teach Animal Communication Courses (face-to-face and Online) to help people rediscover their innate abilities to connect with Animals. I have Clinics coming up in Australia, Europe and America.



"Don't be put off because you think YOU cannot do it!"

"Don't throw the towel in because you think YOU don't have the gift!"

Meet International Animal Communicator, Dagmar
and get some guidance:

  • How Animal Communication transforms the relationship with your Animals

  • How you can connect with your Animals on a deeper level

  • How you can communicate with the Animals  yourself

  • How you can address and solve issues (health and behaviour)

LIVE presentation which means:

  • You can interact

  • You can ask questions

"Animal Communication CHANGES LIVES

- the lives of your Animals and you!"

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Teaching clients all around the world!

PHONE:  +61 439 821 047

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