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Valentine's Day Special

Connecting with Animals

all around the world!

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Normal Price: $90.00

Now Only $72.00

Use the code "VALENTINE" at checkout to get 20% off a Reading with your Animal!

Get in quick - only 20 appointments available!

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Is your Animal your Valentine?

Would you love to hear what your Animal has to say? Would you like to have a two-way conversation with them this Valentine's Day?

All this is possible through Animal Communication!


Book now to hear from your Animal this Valentine's day!

​Special offer for Valentine's Day ONLY! Book a Reading for $72 only and save $18! Only eligible for bookings on 14th February! So get in quick, only limited spots available!

How a Reading works

When booking your Reading, you can choose a suitable day/time (in your time zone) for our call.

The following information can be provided when booking the Reading or at a later time but at least 24 hours before the Reading:

  • Two clear photos​​

One of your Animal's head, showing the eye(s) clearly, the other showing the whole body.

  • Name, age, sex and breed

To put their answers into some context and therefore understand them better.

  • Up to 10 Questions for your Companion

Questions about health, attitude, competing and performance, behaviour and environment are all welcome. Examples:​

  • Why do you... (e.g. show aggressive behaviour/won't go in the float)​?

  • What can I do to make life better for you?

  • What do you like/dislike?

  • Are you sore anywhere?

  • How are you feeling?

  • Phone number I can contact you on (including country code).

  • Country/State you live in (to work out time differences for our call).

For more information on how a Reading works and what to expect, please go to our FAQ page or contact us now!

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