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What is Animal Communication?

Find out more about Animal Communication and how it works through this short informative video by Dagmar. Subscribe to our channel and get to know her more!

Listening to the Horse

Go to to get a free ticket to watch the award-winning documentary Listening to the Horse. If horses could talk, what would they say? Join Irish film-maker Elaine Heney, as she explores this question in interviews with Animal Communicator Dagmar and over 70 of the world's top horse people as they share their stories in this movie.

TrishRockTV : An Energy Shift

Watch this episode of Trish Rock TV, as Dagmar talks about how she helps Animals and their Owners and her deep connection with our Animal companions.

Horse Chats Podcast Episode 570

In this Horse Chats Podcast episode, Dagmar talks about the techniques and importance in Listening to Horses for a better relationship with them.

Horse Chats Podcast Episode 639

In this new Horse Chats Podcast episode, Dagmar discusses the 10 Steps To A Deeper Connection With Your Horse. Watch the video and learn more about this.

Eden River Equestrian Podcast 97

Dagmar speaks with Tracy Malone from Eden River Equestrian about communicating with Animals, energy healing and body work.

Listen to the podcast.


Tram Talk - What's Life like As An Animal Communicator

Read more about Dagmar discussing the every day life and experiences of an Animal Communicator as she is interviewed by The Advertiser's Stephanie Timotheou.


Go to The Advertiser article.

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The Oil Temple - When Animals Tell You Which Essential Oils They Need

"I always felt I had a connection with animals, more than with people. Animals seem to understand me, and I know how they felt," says Dagmar. Read more about her first experiences as an Animal Communicator.


Go to the Oil Temple article.

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